Unique Approach Family Therapy

Tamara Booker, LSWAIC, CMHS

Family Therapy

Are you having challenges connecting with your family? Do you seem to argue during most interactions? You may cycle through the same conversations over and over, as if you're not truly hearing or understanding each other. You sometimes feel like silence should make it better, yet you feel depressed and anxious because it doesn't seem to help. At times, it feels like you walk on eggshells because you want to avoid conflict. You think to yourself, "it's not a matter of if, but a matter of when" in regards to that conflict.

I understand- and it does not have to always be this way in your home. There is hope for every family and individual. One of the biggest challenges in any relationship is communication. Most often, families want the same outcomes yet they express it differently. I will work with your family to discover new ways to communicate. You can connect in meaningful ways to support one another. I have worked with families with intensive needs for 6 years and I utilize my skills as a certified Strengthening Families trainer to strengthen family bonds through learning to have love and fair firm limits. My goal is to help each member of your family know that their role is so important and for everyone to gain the skills to navigate conversations that allow each person to connect, to feel heard, and to be understood.

If you can relate to any of these things, you don't need to wait any longer to care for yourself and your family, contact me today!

Individual Therapy

Do you find yourself not feeling like you fit in with your peers? Do social interactions seems like work, rather than a fun time? Are you struggling to enjoy the things that you used to, and you're not sure why you feel the way you do? Believe it or not, there are many that are feeling this very same way.

I have helped many youth navigate similar challenges due to many different reasons. Through therapeutic rapport building and learning skills you will be empowered to make changes in your life that makes you happy. I can support you in uncovering the answers to questions that you are searching to understand.

If you want to discover who you are and what makes you happy in life, let's chat, contact me today!

Parent Support

Do you have a child who struggles with mental health challenges? Do you ever feel like you don't know how to help and it is your fault that your child is struggling? Do you want to understand mental health better and most importantly how to help your child? I was there too, asking all these questions and really questioning my ability to parent.

Through my work in the mental health field and education, I gained the knowledge to know my role in supporting my child and where to set boundaries to allow my child to be more independent. I learned that I can separate the feeling of blame and focus on the best ways to support my child. You too can reach a better place with your child and learn how to support them. Your relationship will become stronger and your child will feel supported by you and be able to come to you when they need to.

If this is what you are looking for please reach out today, I'm here, contact me today!

"Family unity is not about being on the same page at the same time,
it's about being in the same book and working towards the same ending."

~ Unknown